Buffalo Sauce Hot Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing

Created by: 
Ian Harrison

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VINRW2 Vinegar red wine 6% acidity essente $0.00
CAYP Pepper cayenne essente stand up pouch $0.00
MUSTDMF Mustard dijon masterfoods $0.00
SALT Salt fine 5kg $0.00
HONEY12/500 Honey creamed $0.00
BUTTERU500 Butter unsalted $0.00
CHEBVR Cheese blue vein special reserve mainland $0.00
CORI Coriander 2-4mm iqf frozen $0.00
sugb1 Sugar brown $0.00
CINGP Cinnamon ground $0.00
ANIST Star anise whole stand up pouch $0.00
GARF Garlic flakes $0.00
CANO Canola oil $0.00
SESA Sesame seeds kernels white essente stand up pouch $0.00
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