Chicken Liver Parfait with Walnut Loaf & Cherry Chutney

Created by: 
Ian Harrison

Ingredients you can buy here:

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ONIFD1 Onion diced 10 x 10 mm frozen iqf $0.00
GARWP Garlic whole peeled frozen iqf $0.00
THYMER1 Thyme rubbed $0.00
PEPBC1 Pepper black cracked 10/16 mesh steam sterilized $0.00
EGGTRAY6 Eggs size 6 $0.00
SALTP Salt flossy granules for pretzels mermaid $0.00
SALTI3 Salt, fine, for restaurants $0.00
BUTS Butter salted rolling meadow / alpine $0.00
YEALS Yeast instant dried gloripan $0.00
BASF20 Flour strong maximus $0.00
HONEYL500 Honey liquid $0.00
OILWV Oil walnut french vilux france $0.00
SALTI3 Salt, fine, for restaurants $0.00
BASF20 Flour strong maximus $0.00
WALH250 Walnut halves and pieces essente stand up pouch $0.00
CHUTCR Chutney morello cherry & raisin barkers $0.00
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