Macaroni Cheese Bites with Roasted Garlic and Lemon Mayo

Created by: 
Ian Harrison

Ingredients you can buy here:

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BUTS Butter salted rolling meadow / alpine $0.00
SALT Salt fine 5kg $0.00
SAGER500 Sage rubbed $0.00
FLOBF Flour bakers new zealand flour mills $0.00
EGG6 Eggs size 7 $0.00
CHEEBB Bakery blend cheese grated alpine $0.00
MUSDV Mustard dijon extra strong french essente france $0.00
PASM45 Pasta elbows (macaroni) 70 italian la molisana bulk $0.00
GARLCR Garlic crushed essente $0.00
CANOIL2 Canola oil $0.00
LEMJ2 Lemon juice $0.00
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