Sage and buttermilk fried chicken with ranch dressing

Created by: 
Ian Harrison

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SAGER500 Sage rubbed $0.00
THYMER1 Thyme rubbed $0.00
CAYP1 Pepper cayenne $0.00
PAPS1 Paprika smoked 140 asta $0.00
SALT Salt fine 5kg $0.00
FCM1 Cornflour maize $0.00
MAYO10 Mayonnaise deli hellmann's $0.00
CHIVES Chives chopped diced $0.00
PARCU Parsley curly 2-4mm iqf frozen $0.00
ONIONP20 Onion powder 100-120 mesh $0.00
GARLPWD Garlic powder $0.00
MILKWH1 Milk powder whole $0.00
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